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Lifting tongs and tilters

  • Lifting tongs for coils: motorized coil lifter, electro-hydraulic coil lifter, automatic mechanical tong for vertical coils (1-7)
  • Coil lifting C hook (8)
  • Coil tilters: motorized coil tilter, coil tilting tong (9-10)
  • Lifting tongs for slabs: motorized slab tong, slab tilting tong, automatic mechanical slab tong, slab tong with rotation device (11-16
  • Lifting tongs for stacks of sheets: electro-hydraulic tong, electro-mechanical tong (17-23)
  • Lifting tongs for any application in the steel industry: electrodes, anodes, pallets,... (24-25)

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Our references

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stacked sheets lifting tongstacked sheets lifting tongstacked sheets lifting tonglifting tong for one roll 90t Carlam (Belgium)
lifting tong for two rolls 40t Carlam (Belgium)
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