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PENTA Scrap Management System

Goods Flow Management in the Supply Chain, WMS, Inventory and Warehouse Management

Iron scrap yard management is a complex task that involves many problems. Lot tracking is one of them.

The PENTA Scrap Management System solution offers tools for the manager to supervise the various conveying activities from the arrival of trucks to the tankers movements in the steel producing plant.

The crane operators have mobile terminals at their disposal which display the commands to be executed. The PENTA system issues these commands on the basis of priorities and performs a permanent control on the correct execution of the commands.

The PENTA system can be combined to survey and monitoring resources (GPS etc.), e.g. to control the position of the grab during weight lifting and lowering actions, as well as to measuring devices in the case of radioactive products being manipulated.

Slag conveying tankers can also be tracked and their operations can be analyzed as to their productivity.

The PENTA Scrap Management System has been designed to interface with monitoring and tracing devices such as:

Modular, flexible, all-round, the PENTA Scrap Management System is oriented to meet the productivity and quality standards required for the management of a scrap recycling plant.


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