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high-capacity sifters

High-Capacity Vibratory Screeners for Fine-Particle Bulk Solids

Sorting Screens, Control Screens

Vibratory screeners are designed to remove agglomerate particles and foreign materials from powders and liquids.

Chauvin sifters are modular and easy to maintain equipments designed to meet the requirements of a large variety of industrial users in the food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and minerals industries.

CS Sifter

Designed for safety sifting of free-flowing products coming out of the production line, before storage or packaging.

CS Sifter Brochure

RS Sifter

High-performance sifter for powders, granules and liquids. The number of levels range from 1 to 3 or 4 in order to offer a wide variety of screening types.

RS Sifter Brochure

Rotating SIFT Sifter

For particle-size based selection on granules and powders as well as bulk product sorting in the chemical industry, the food, wood and metals manufacturing industries etc.

Giraplan Sifter

Ruggedized equipement for high-volume screening. Ideal for highly selective screening in a large variety of applications such as the industrial processing of sugar and starch powders, fertilizer and PVC granules etc.


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