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grabs, clamshell grabs and manipulators

Handling solutions for bulk


  • Metals industry: handling of loose items such as scrap, coal, minerals...
  • Handling of loose products such as minerals, forestry products, industrial trash, domestic garbage etc.


  • electro-hydraulic or mechanical grabs
  • Suitable for any density,
  • Wide range of lifting capacity,
  • With 4 or 8 arms.

Clamshell grabs

  • electro-hydraulic or mechanical grabs,
  • suitable for any density,
  • wide range of lifting capacity,
  • underwater grabs.

Handling of single or stacked products with vacuum lifting equipments

  • Telescopic versions available,
  • Electric or pneumatic vacuum device,
  • Hoisting of horizontal or vertical items,
  • Tilting

The Spanish manufacturer Blug is our partner. For further information, please click on the link.

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