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PENTA In a Box

Warehouse Management, PENTA WMS ExPert, Modular software for warehouse management

The first step for small and middle-sized warehouses towards better organization, performance, material tracking and analysis of their activity.

PENTA In a Box is based on the kernel of the more extensive PENTA WMS ExPert solution. The PENTA In a Box version does not direct the operations but is a tool designed to assist in registering and controlling operations in real time with the help of mobile terminals and scanners.

PENTA In a Box features a simple design and is easy to use. It is the ideal tool to initiate a formal computer-aided organization of third-party logistics.

The solution is based on modules and allows a seamless evolution towards PENTA WMS ExPert.

Warehouse Management, PENTA in a Box, management software for small and middle-sized warehouses


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